Making Money Playing Video Games

Making Money Playing Video Games

If you’ve never heard of Glen Anderson, then here’s the skinny. He likes to make money.

Like you, he’s a video gamer. But he’s a gamer with a difference.

Because he discovered that he could actually get paid to play games.

So, he eventually quit his job and started to make his living simply playing video games.

Or rather, testing brand new games before they are released to the general public.

That way the game creators know their games will perform properly under fire.

Particularly when the general public get their hands on them.

For this vital service, Glen got paid up to $30 an hour! Sweet.

And believe me that’s making money.

Glen didn’t stop there, because he saw there were tons of video game makers that needed testers.

Which is where you’re set to cash in and making money BIG TIME.

Because he’s forged strong links with all these top game creators (especially the biggest payers!).

And set up a private web site to put these guys in touch with guys like you.

Who are smart enough to know that when they are playing the latest games – even before they hit Main Street – they are ALSO making money for doing it.

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Here’s the best bit, you get to KEEP the games.

So just imagine the reaction of your gaming buddies when they’ve paid big bucks to buy the game.

And you tell them, not only did you play it weeks ago, it didn’t cost you a single red cent.

AND you actually got paid to play it.

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He’s Made $790 In Just 3 Weeks Playing Video Games.

Gongsan Young only started in the wonderful business of testing video games three weeks ago.

And yet, he’s already made $790.

And he is beginning to like making money.

He gives full credit to Gaming Jobs On Line.

Who he says  gives you fool proof, step by step instructions and lists of companies guaranteed to make you money.

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By the way, Gongsan lives in Korea, and that’s just one of about 150 counties that are joining in this game testing bonanza.

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Is It REALLY Possible To Get Paid To Play Video Games.

You see the video game business is now bigger than the movie business.  Worth about $62 BILLION currently.

With that sort of money at stake, games have to be as perfect as humanly possible.

Because if a game is released with even a few bugs in it, the bad news will spread like wildfire on line.

Sales will bomb and the game’s creators will lose millions.

So, with that sort of money at stake, it’s a drop in the ocean for the games makers to pay you up to $30 an hour to test their games to destruction.

So they can fix any bugs before launch day.

And while $30 might be a drop in the ocean to the games companies, it soon adds up to a handy income for you.

Particularly when you’re ALSO enjoying yourself playing games that no one else in your neighbourhood has even seen yet.

And you are also making money.

So don’t waste another minute playing video games for nothing.

When you could be getting paid up to $30 an hour for doing exactly what you enjoy doing anyway.
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Every hour you waste before you go ahead is another $30  you’ve thrown away.

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