Where Can I Go Camping

Whether you want to watch the stars without any light polution or want to reach the summit by sunrise wild camping might be for you. So where can I go camping

Wild camping is legal in Scotland, England and Wales providing you leave no trace of your camp, camp away from any main paths, roads etc. and keep out of ‘restricted areas’ such as Loch Lomond.

It is however ILLEGAL to camp on dried out moors due to the fire hazard.

You should try to camp on gently sloping ground so that any water can run off the mountain, on firm (stone-free) ground and near a river. You should also pitch the tent with its tail into the wind. In the Lake District try to camp above 500m.

Kit List
To wild camp you will need…
A pillow (packed ones available)
A sleeping bag (buy one for your needs, don’t get one suitable for winter camping when you are only camping in summer as this will add unnecessary weight)
A sleeping mat
A tent (You should be able to sit up in the tent, buy a lightweight one when going on long expeditions and usually buy a tent for 1 person more than you need for all of your kit)
A huge rucksack to dump all your kit in (55-75 litres should do – it might be a good idea to get the rest of the kit first so you have a rough idea of the size you will need)
Hand gel
Hot drinks
Toilet paper
Nappy sacks (or alternative) to dispose of waste (you know what I mean!!!).
Spare Clothes
Sun cream
Wet wipes
Plus mountain walking kit (minus rucksack)